Natural Brum celebrates the natural hair journey. We provide space for an organic conversation surrounding natural hair, we empower with community in mind, and we aim educate by providing the resource and platform for Birmingham’s natural hair community.

Kristina, founder of Natural Brum, is an artist, art practitioner and freelance educator working in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and surrounding areas. She focuses her practice in creating spaces for organic conversations and learning outcomes.

Kristina created Natural Brum for those at the beginning or middle of their natural hair journey. She has worn her natural for almost 4 years, however the last year has been instrumental to building a healthy and sustainable relationship with her hair. For Kristina, its not just what you put in your hair, but its is also what you put in your body and what you allow to feed your mind.

Natural Brum is at its early and exciting stages, if you would like to collaborate or feel you have something to add to the vision, contact Kristina via naturalbrum@outlook.com